Thursday, October 30, 2014


So it's been a while, give or take about 6 months since my last blog post, but I am a back and I hope ya'll are ready for it - because this one is about to blow your mind and inspiralize you to go raw. Side note - If you know me, you know that a. I'm picky and b. I like weird concoctions of foods, meaning that I will go out of my way to eat any type of pasta that isn't actually pasta. Because why would I like anything normal? Just my luck, a couple nights ago, my vegan friend invited me over to make some zucchini noodles (zoodles). I could hardly contain my excitement as I sprinted down the street to her house with my packaged tofu in hand (that ingredient will come in handy later). Needless to say through the excitement, we began to prepare immediately. I started the process by chopping a large lush red bell pepper into small chunks and diced a red onion into tiny slivers. Next it was zoodle time (stop, zoodle time! Like hammer time). We sliced off the ends of four small zucchinis and stuck them into the spiralizer, one at a time. Once the zucchini was stuck in place we winded the handle over and over again as thin layers of dark and light green zucchini spirals flowed out.
One small zucchini made so many noodles, I could hardly contain my eyes, let alone my taste buds. After the zoodles were finished, we poured a jar of Arrabbiata sauce into a stove-top pot and let it heat up, then we added the chopped onion and pepper into the pot (if you were wondering who put the pepper in the was me...if you catch my drift). We let the vegetables cook, folding them over in dollops of the tomato sauce. Next we sifted the zoodles into the mixture and continued to stir it around with the the other ingredients. Once the veggies were cooked and the sauce was bubbling, we added in crumbled tofu (the tofu again makes an appearance) for some protein. After about 10 minutes more of cooking, we deemed the masterpiece ready and added some of our leftover zoodles on top for a garnish. We placed the pot on a table and immediately dug in, I could hardly contain my excitement as I tasted the spice from the sauce, the sweetness from the peppers, the crunchy bites of onion and the zoodles, which were soft and tender. I can taste the flavors as I write. I was inspiralized by the spiralizer and cannot wait to make the next batch of vegetable noodles.

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