Saturday, May 17, 2014

My (is)Raeli Good Breakfast

What I've realized my last week abroad is that any food I can get in America (i.e., sushi, thai food, Chinese food, Italian food, etc) I can wait to eat until I get back to America. Any food that is strictly Israeli-style or Mediterranean, I will eat my last week abroad in Israel. This morning, I was able to cross off a cafe on my list of recommended places to eat, called NOLA: American Bakery. Now, I know this is quite ironic seeing as I just said earlier that I'm not eating American food until I go back to the US of A, but this is an Israeli version of American food restaurant, and I can assure you my meal was anything but American.
One of the things most people look forward to when they come to Israel is the Israeli Breakfast. Unfortunately during my time abroad, I haven't had all the opportunities to eat an Israeli Breakfast but today after my morning, I realized it was worth the wait. Usually at some restaurants I have trouble trying to figure out what to order - but at NOLA, everything looked appealing and I had no issue picking my meal - the Healthy Breakfast. The best part of this breakfast was that it came with a cold drink, a freshly squeezed juice perhaps...which is exactly what I ordered. One Healthy Breakfast with a chopped vegetable salad of colorful ingredients like cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, red onion and red cabbage, a side of bulgur wheat grains drizzled in a lemony-vinagrette with parsley, some chunks of feta cheese, a thin egg-white omelette and two slices of toasted whole-grain bread. And for my juice? A freshly-squeezed orange and carrot juice mixture. My juice came out in a small mason jar, the bright orange color was vibrant and glistened in the sun. The jar was so cute and the juice fizzed at the top from the citrus.
I really love carrot juice and the tanginess of the orange mixed with the sweetness of the carrot, such an unreal mix of flavors, I never even knew the two would go together - but they definitely do, and that's my new usual. As for my meal, well that was a different but seriously amazing story. The plate looked almost too good to eat - but that wasn't going to stop me. The omelette was airy and fluffy and served as the perfect starter palette as it allowed me to spread some creamy feta cheese on top and eat it along with my crunchy salad and soft bulgur wheat. One of my favorite foods is salad, and the best part of the breakfasts in Israel are the salads they give you on the side. Well really, that's the best part of any meal in Israel. The ingredients were so fresh and tasty and seasoned perfectly. I got just the right amount of flavor in every bite. Hopefully I'll be able to find or re-create my Israeli Breakfast in America, but if not, NOLA I'll be back for you.

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