Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last night my friend came over so we could have a girls night and give ourselves manicures.  As I mentioned before in a previous post, I am obsessed with nail polish and always need to have my nails painted.  It was the perfect remedy after a long work-filled week.  I un-zippered my "makeshift" summer nail polish case which contained 6 of my 30+ bottles of my nail polish collection, while my friend emptied out her clear plastic nail polish case as well.  I was so ecstatic to see all of her colors, most of which I recognized from the previous year, but many others that were new, along with glitters and sparkles.  I must say, I really enjoy the popular bright and neon hues of the summer, but I am a huge advocate for dark colors year round.  However, I opted for a baby bluish periwinkle color called "Bikini so Teeny" by Essie.  The color spread easily over my freshly filed nails.  After two coats were applied, I picked up another bottle of nail polish, this time it was full of glitter.  I chose an over-coat called "Shine of the Times" a white-goldish glitter by Essie and applied to the fourth or pArTy nail on both my hands.  The glitter over-coat added an element of shimmer and shine to my already perfectly manicured hand.  I couldn't stop smiling while staring at my nails and am completely ready to add these colors to my collection.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I was psyched to work a 7 hour shift at Whirled Peace frozen yogurt shop, it was a good shift, but a long one indeed.  I was surrounded by frozen yogurt and fruit galore but because I was so busy, I hadn't had a chance to eat during my shift and when it was over I was left absolutely famished!  When I got in the car on the way home, my stomach was growling.  I snacked on a delicious cheese stick and some red juicy grapes, but that was not filling and I was really looking forward to eating a real meal when I got home.  I grabbed a square plastic container and gathered two heaping handfuls of the most tender spring mix lettuce, I made a bed for it on the bottom of the container.  Then I sprinkled toppings of colorful shredded cabbage, tiny chopped red and green peppers, some pieces of a sunset-yellow colored peach, a couple chopped pieces of cucumber, Chinese white bean sprouts, red grapes and paprika-spiced tofu on top.  The mixture of flavors from the sweetness of the grapes, the crunchiness of the peppers, the spice of the tofu and the tartness of peach blended together in harmony. It was so tasty, I ate it naked...with no dressing.  Every forkful subsided the growling in my stomach.  I have to admit it was veggie good.