Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Cute to Eat Fruit

You know the saying, "eat your fruits and veggies", the one we were told at a young age, and for some are still told to today. Well lets think of how many of us actually did what we were told when we were younger... But what if you were told, "wear your fruits and veggies". In this case, lets skip the veggies but focus on the fruit. Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite fruit? I know I have, and now you can with the help of Fruitstrology! A newly launched community-based project turned business by two Temple University graduates. The girls behind the fruit believe in the power of sharing and doing good for the community of Philadelphia.
And here's how you can get involved. It starts with sharing 2 ways, (1) For every product sold, Fruitstrology donates a serving of fresh fruit to a child in Philadelphia, one for one. (2) What’s the strology behind Fruitstrology? Well, it’s what describes you. Each fruit has its own personality that expresses you. Whether you’re a Talkative Grape, Easygoing Banana or both, your purchase not only says you’re committed to supporting local childrens’ nutrition, it’s also a fun and creative way to say something about yourself. It’s simple, join, wear, share and make a difference. This is how we share the fruit we wear.
I think we can all relate to a specific fruit, I know I'm a "Charismatic Peach" and cannot wait to receive my tank in the mail! Check it out - and their Facebook page: Stay fruity ya'll.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Om-loving it.

So it's been a while since I've been on the blog scene, but I'm back with a full fledged post that will be worth your while, because I know you've all been waiting for a new post by me. As my semester comes to a close at school, I am taking every advantage I have to go eat delicious food in the city of Philadelphia, which is just a subway ride away. Today, I ventured into the city around mid-morning and had the most amazing brunch ever. A friend and I decided on the Famous 4th Street Deli on S. 19th Street, a fairly new place, only about 4 years old, but the decor had an old world feel. We were seated and given appetizers of pickled cabbage salad with mini cucumbers and sliced carrots and spicy Dill pickles, needless to say, I was immediately in heaven. I ordered a veggie omelette with fruit on the side. 10 minutes later, our meals came out; little did I know that this omelette would be the full size of the entire plate with a small, fruit bowl on the side that looked minuscule compared to the enormous yellow, red, green and brown rectangular creation, that as I stared down at it, was staring up back at me. I took my smaller side plate, squeezed out some juicy red ketchup and golden brown mustard and cut my omelette in half. I dipped my first piece in the circle of condiments (I like to mix the ketchup and mustard because of the spicy sweet combination). The fluffy omelette melted in my mouth. The vegetables appeared bite by bite; the broccoli, white onions and green pepper provided me with a crunch that evened out the softer vegetables of tomatoes and mushrooms. For an extra hint of flavor, I sprinkled on some black pepper. I like my food with a kick. The fruit bowl on the side was a perfect taste of mellowness - the bursting red grapes and succulent cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew. Simply said, the taste and size of this meal was completely unreal.